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Molly's new teacher this year likes owls and flowers. Naturally this means we need to get to making something, like, yesterday. We decided on an embroidery project since Molly currently enjoys putting her (made-by-Grandma) embroidery kit to good use.

Here is the link to the pattern (compliments of Molly and me):

My version (on 14 count aida):

And the start of Molly's (on 6 count aida):

If you decide to download, let me know how the process guys are my guinea pigs for all these new fangled things my website does!


I like the idea of streamlining and simplifying. I'm not always good at it, but I do try!

Case in point:  I've been collecting all my digital and online bits and bobs here in my new site format for the better part of the summer. Sneaking in time here and there between travel and day-to-day family stuff is not very streamline or simple, but it's getting there. Just about everything is complete with one small exception in the migration of my blog archives...sigh. That task will have to wait until the kids are back in school and my regular work schedule resumes in two weeks.

In the meantime I just completed my husband's end-of-summer promotional cards. Lynn sells Chevrolets (and all manner or pre-owned vehicles) at AutoNation Chevrolet North Richland Hills and as part of his client contact and follow-up he sends out seasonally topical cards (designed by me) several times a year. It is always a fun collaboration; probably my most difficult collaboration too! This guy has some wildly elaborate ideas sometimes and those ideas coupled with his undying faith in my abilities makes for some interesting brainstorming conversations.

Stay tuned for some fun things currently in the works for us artsy folks. I am designing a couple free projects so we can all try out the download function this new website format provides! Looking forward to it.

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