040314 first hail storm of the season!

Hello, friends! Long time, no nothing, am I right? When last we 'spoke' we were all ringing in 2014, excited for  new prospects and the fun that comes along with a new year. And now? Here we are warming up April! It has been a whirlwind of a year so far, truly.

April has finally delivered Spring to my neck of the woods and with it comes hail, thunderstorms and tornado warnings. Last night we had our fair share of weather excitement over about a four hour period of time. Three Code Red Emergency calls, two NWS warnings on my iphone, gusty wind, momentarily heavy rain and a brief hail shower rounded out the evening. Our area was fortunate not have much damage...a few branches down and maybe a new hail dent or two to the cars. Our friends and family on the north side of town where not so lucky...they had up to baseball sized hail and high winds. There was a bit of flash flooding too, which is always terrifying to me. In the end the kids had a good test run for emergency procedures at the house and we are all safe and sound!

Next time I check in I'll introduce the newest member to our family, Miss Tallulah Pearl. She's been with us the 19th of March and has made herself right at home. You're going to love her! We sure do.


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