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Hello friends! I hope your summer has been lovely so far. Ours has been nice, if a little hectic at times. We've managed a bit of travel, some summer camp, a bit of hosting house guests (almost completely booked for August too) and lots of swimming and hanging out.

With the heat being what it is in Texas during the summer I next to never get out my torches for metalsmithing, lampworking or enameling. TOO DAMN HOT! And our elderly A/C units are struggling this season so I don't want to tax them anymore than Mother Nature already does. To that end I've been focusing on lots of sewing and drawing and fabric designing. Before this summer I hadn't done anything using Spoonflower since September of 2008. That's one, two, three, four, SIX years ago. They have come a long way since then fabric wise. I've been participating in the weekly design challenges as they interest me.

So far I have done the sewing notions design challenge 07/02:

Notions Menagerie Fat Quarter Bundle

Notions Menagerie Fat Quarter Bundle

That design is available for purchase as fabric and wrapping paper. I made a Sew Together Bag with the yardage I had printed. The bag design is super clever; however, the written instructions are crazy. I would not recommend it to novice sewers, but if you've sewn zippered bags before, you should be okay. My sister says there are some great videos online that will walk you through each step should you need it. I would link, but I cannot recall who did them...

rhinoceroses design 07/19:

rhinoceros [beetle]
rhinoceros [beetle]
Also available for purchase as fabric, wrapping paper and wall paper. I bought yardage of this print too and I think it's going to be a dress for me.
and this week's challenge - herb garden:
Herb Bundle
herb garden <<click if you'd like to vote for my design.
Planning to get yardage of this design printed on the cotton/linen blend for some dish towels. Will let you know how it prints up after it arrives.
I'll check back in in a few days with some pics of more sewing...coming up soon is Molly's First Communion dress.



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