I need a list...


SO MUCH STUFF on my plate right now. I need a list and a clone to keep it all straight. We are having new flooring installed through out the house and I need to get the house ready for demolition and installation. On paper, in pixels, this seems like a totally managable task. In my head? I may as well be moving my entire family out of the house we have lived in for 12 years by myself. I am overwhelmed by the thought and, as a result, a little bit paralyzed. So I need a list. And here it is:

  • garage
  • closet under the stairs
  • guest room and closets
  • living room and closet
  • dining room
  • study nook
  • computer nook
  • boys' room and closet
  • molly's room and closet
  • studio
  • master bedroom
  • master bath
  • master closet

Plan of action? Work on a room/area a day and go from there.


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