Digging through the cobwebs over here to say hello and that I hope you haven't burst into flames yet this summer.

YOU LIVE IN TEXAS!Someone posted a similar Comic Sans (which I can't even...) version of this Batman meme to Facebook not too long ago and it made me laugh, so I googled "slapping Batman meme" and found a blank to fill in with one of my own fonts (and perhaps you can't even, but that's okay. To each her own.) to post on the old blog because, wait for it, IT IS STUPIDLY HOT right now. The kids' soccer training is being canceled on the regular due to ridiculously high heat indexes and for all the record amounts of rain we had this spring, we just set another record a few days ago for consecutive number of days WITHOUT rain.

The kids head back to school in less than two weeks and I am currently studying for my Texas Real Estate license. Which leads me to ponder what to do with this website and my inventory that has essentially been ignored for the last several years due to family obligations and, frankly, a lack of desire to pursue maintaining my production and creation as a viable business. I am going to continue the pondering for a while longer...until we have settled back into the school routine and see what I come up with.

In the meantime I intend to at least try to get back to making something on the regular. Maybe that's part of my block here? Rarely do I dedicate any time to making anything anymore. I was motivated to stitch up a little blurb the other day that gives me a chuckle:


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