Digging through the cobwebs over here to say hello and that I hope you haven't burst into flames yet this summer.

YOU LIVE IN TEXAS!Someone posted a similar Comic Sans (which I can't even...) version of this Batman meme to Facebook not too long ago and it made me laugh, so I googled "slapping Batman meme" and found a blank to fill in with one of my own fonts (and perhaps you can't even, but that's okay. To each her own.) to post on the old blog because, wait for it, IT IS STUPIDLY HOT right now. The kids' soccer training is being canceled on the regular due to ridiculously high heat indexes and for all the record amounts of rain we had this spring, we just set another record a few days ago for consecutive number of days WITHOUT rain.

The kids head back to school in less than two weeks and I am currently studying for my Texas Real Estate license. Which leads me to ponder what to do with this website and my inventory that has essentially been ignored for the last several years due to family obligations and, frankly, a lack of desire to pursue maintaining my production and creation as a viable business. I am going to continue the pondering for a while longer...until we have settled back into the school routine and see what I come up with.

In the meantime I intend to at least try to get back to making something on the regular. Maybe that's part of my block here? Rarely do I dedicate any time to making anything anymore. I was motivated to stitch up a little blurb the other day that gives me a chuckle:

I need a list...

SO MUCH STUFF on my plate right now. I need a list and a clone to keep it all straight. We are having new flooring installed through out the house and I need to get the house ready for demolition and installation. On paper, in pixels, this seems like a totally managable task. In my head? I may as well be moving my entire family out of the house we have lived in for 12 years by myself. I am overwhelmed by the thought and, as a result, a little bit paralyzed. So I need a list. And here it is:

  • garage
  • closet under the stairs
  • guest room and closets
  • living room and closet
  • dining room
  • study nook
  • computer nook
  • boys' room and closet
  • molly's room and closet
  • studio
  • master bedroom
  • master bath
  • master closet

Plan of action? Work on a room/area a day and go from there.

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OCTOBER is here! Whaaaat?

Lawd, October already? I love this time of year. Halloween is, hands down, my favorite holiday. Jackolanterns and calaveras and spooky monsters all year long would be fine with me. To celebrate I am giving away a cotton/linen tea towel! To "register' head over to my instagram account and find this pic:

Leave a comment! If you follow me on facebook you can comment there too. Good luck! I hope you win :).

I have to say I am totally smitten with this tea towel. I designed the fabric and printed it at Spoonflower on cotton/linen canvas and then used some thrifted trims and new bobbles to jazz it up for the holiday. 

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am i crazy? maybe a little...

August is here on Friday! What? August is normally a little insane at our house just preparing for back to school and fall season soccer and scouts. This year we are adding Molly's Sacrament preparation and First Communion and having new flooring installed house-wide. And just to make sure the next couple of months are monumentally insane I have decided to participate in Lilla Rogers GTS 2014 and Make it in Design's Summer School. I plan to post more frequently to ye old blog and share progress reports on these two design challenges I'm committing myself to. It's sort of a needle in a haystack deal I think, but I think I'm a danged shiny needle :). Here's to stepping outside of one's comfort zone, dreaming big and making sh*t happen!

Spoonflowering; also, hello!

Hello friends! I hope your summer has been lovely so far. Ours has been nice, if a little hectic at times. We've managed a bit of travel, some summer camp, a bit of hosting house guests (almost completely booked for August too) and lots of swimming and hanging out.

With the heat being what it is in Texas during the summer I next to never get out my torches for metalsmithing, lampworking or enameling. TOO DAMN HOT! And our elderly A/C units are struggling this season so I don't want to tax them anymore than Mother Nature already does. To that end I've been focusing on lots of sewing and drawing and fabric designing. Before this summer I hadn't done anything using Spoonflower since September of 2008. That's one, two, three, four, SIX years ago. They have come a long way since then fabric wise. I've been participating in the weekly design challenges as they interest me.

So far I have done the sewing notions design challenge 07/02:

Notions Menagerie Fat Quarter Bundle

Notions Menagerie Fat Quarter Bundle

That design is available for purchase as fabric and wrapping paper. I made a Sew Together Bag with the yardage I had printed. The bag design is super clever; however, the written instructions are crazy. I would not recommend it to novice sewers, but if you've sewn zippered bags before, you should be okay. My sister says there are some great videos online that will walk you through each step should you need it. I would link, but I cannot recall who did them...

rhinoceroses design 07/19:

rhinoceros [beetle]
rhinoceros [beetle]
Also available for purchase as fabric, wrapping paper and wall paper. I bought yardage of this print too and I think it's going to be a dress for me.
and this week's challenge - herb garden:
Herb Bundle
herb garden <<click if you'd like to vote for my design.
Planning to get yardage of this design printed on the cotton/linen blend for some dish towels. Will let you know how it prints up after it arrives.
I'll check back in in a few days with some pics of more sewing...coming up soon is Molly's First Communion dress.
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040314 first hail storm of the season!

Hello, friends! Long time, no nothing, am I right? When last we 'spoke' we were all ringing in 2014, excited for  new prospects and the fun that comes along with a new year. And now? Here we are warming up April! It has been a whirlwind of a year so far, truly.

April has finally delivered Spring to my neck of the woods and with it comes hail, thunderstorms and tornado warnings. Last night we had our fair share of weather excitement over about a four hour period of time. Three Code Red Emergency calls, two NWS warnings on my iphone, gusty wind, momentarily heavy rain and a brief hail shower rounded out the evening. Our area was fortunate not have much damage...a few branches down and maybe a new hail dent or two to the cars. Our friends and family on the north side of town where not so lucky...they had up to baseball sized hail and high winds. There was a bit of flash flooding too, which is always terrifying to me. In the end the kids had a good test run for emergency procedures at the house and we are all safe and sound!

Next time I check in I'll introduce the newest member to our family, Miss Tallulah Pearl. She's been with us the 19th of March and has made herself right at home. You're going to love her! We sure do.


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happy 2014!



Hello! I hope this finds you enjoying your first few days of 2014. We had a lovely Christmas and a long Christmas break from school. For the first time in a long time we stayed put and did not travel. It was a nice change! Up above that's all of us on Christmas Day, then party animals Caleb, Molly, and Lynn ringing in the New Year with Sunkist and peanut butter and last, but not least, Molly sporting some of the gozillion Rainbow Loom bracelets she's made over the break.

I've been working on a new line of stationery and planning out my work calendar for the year. Next step is to straighten up and organize my studio again...clean slate to start working on all my new ideas!

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A few new toys for jewelry making...

gadgets and goodies

A quick visit to The Artful Bead in Carrollton a few weeks ago netted the above goodies. I haven't had a chance to sit down and put any of this to work yet, but that will soon be remedied. I did play with my new bead loom last week and taught myself the peyote stitch too.

bead loom

I used the peyote stitch to make a toggle for this bracelet. The toggle wasn't as smooth as I'd have liked, but for a first time effort I'll take it.

loomed bracelet

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Stitched Blooms Review and Giveaway - Winner posted!

Congratulations Christy Brink!

Congratulations, Christy! Shoot me an email with your mailing address and I will forward it on to Lark Books. Thanks to everyone for playing along! Happy stitching!

Stitched Blooms by Carina Envoldsen-Harris

Lark Books offered to send me a copy of Stitched Blooms by Carina Envoldsen-Harris to review for them and I jumped at the opportunity. I have followed Carina on Twitter for years now and have always enjoyed her enthusiasm for stitching and embroidery. In fact, I sort of live vicariously through her and a handful of other folks who get around to stitching a lot more than I do! I love every thing about embroidery:  I love the process, the endless design possibilities, the portability of projects. I really love the finished product. If any of these things set your heart to pitter-patter, then I think you will definitely appreciate this book.

Stitched Blooms by Carina Envoldsen-Harris

As you can see from the table of contents, this book is really well rounded. Are you a seasoned stitcher? Fantastic! You can jump right into any one of the twenty varied projects or use any combination of the 300 motifs featured in the book to create your own project. On the other hand, are you a complete embroidery noob? Rest easy, dear friend, Carina has compiled a brief, but information packed primer that includes things like color theory, foundation prep and care, types of thread and how to manage them. Once you've read through those pages and the stitch glossary, picking up one of the quicker projects (I would suggest the Pincushion Petit Fours) should be a breeze for the beginner.

Carina also includes an overview on embroidery tools and working with motifs. The section on embroidery tools taught me, a thirty year veteran, a new tip (it's on page 20)!

The bright colors, Carina's sweet florals and all the scallops seriously make my day. Have a crafty friend who's under the weather? Or maybe you could use a pick-me-up? This book and $10 worth of embroidery supplies would brighten anyone's day.

Be sure to check out this blog post on Lark Books' needlearts blog for a free download and a list of the blogs participating in the blog tour:  Stitched Blooms blog tour kickoff.

Today is going to be someone's lucky day! Lark Books is giving away one copy of Stitched Blooms right here on my blog. To enter please leave a comment and tell us what your favorite thing to stich is. A winner will be drawn this Friday, September 27th at 8pm CST. Best of luck!


Stitched Blooms

Carina Envoldsen-Harris:  Polka and Bloom, twitter


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